Global Zero Now (Uden – Volkel)

Hello again,

we are switching to English so that our hosts and supporters in the Netherlands and Belgium can follow as well. The last days were pretty busy with briefings for the NATO meetings and a documentary about the Cold War, so we have some backlog.

After a hearty breakfast we headed for Volkel Airbase last Thursday where we arrived shortly before noon. Within a few minutes NUCLEAR GRASS was „deployed“ near the main gate. There we met two guards who seemed quite open in the beginning until they were silenced by some mysterious force ;-).

Out of the blue a policeman on a bicycle appeared and offered to pass on copies of the letters collected during our tour to the commander of the base. In his brief speechTheo …. from Atoomvrijstaat regretted the fact that nuclear bombs are still deployed at this airbase. Other than some curious passers-by and journalists from local newspapers there was no contact with other „natives“.

Take a look at these news items:

The base has been subject to citizen’s inspections and other actions before. One activist told me they had dug a tunnel under the watchful eyes of the police with beach toys dressed up as clowns only to be arrested by the military on the other side of the fence.

Here you can see our spokesman Wolfgang Schlupp-Haup visiting Atomvrijstaat last year:

We’ll be back with more pics and to tell you about the events in Kleine Brogel and Brussels.

Greetz from  Atomvrijstaat

Ernst & Judith

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